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SolarGem Testimonials

Solar TestimonialsWe not only explored solar energy systems at several “home shows” but we also conducted extensive research on the internet and compared equipment performance ratings.   After receiving bids from 6 solar contractors, SolarGem is the one we selected.   The SolarGem proposal gave us more detail, and Mr. Johnson was able to answer our questions after the site review. The results are phenomenal with regard to our electric bill.   The system performs even better than the claims that were presented in the SolarGem proposal.   We influenced our son, who is a Civil Engineer, to install a SolarGem system, and he is quite pleased also.   We highly recommend SolarGem.Solar Testimonials

- Gary & Janice Eisenbeisz         

Solar Testimonials

Solar TestimonialsI was paying over $100/ month up to $300/month on the hottest months. Now I only pay btwn $1.00-3.00 a month. I am very happy with the solar system SOLARGEM installed.
It was easy and fast. Solargem answered all my questions and concerns, they did all the paper work and took care of the permits. Installation was quick. All done in less than a month. We are very happy with SOLARGEMS Services and the product that was recommended and used, they came to my house and gave me a quote without any strings attached like the other guys who wanted me to commit before they even came to my home. I highly recommend SOLARGM to any one who is looking or is considering having Solar panels installed to their homes. Solar Testimonials

- Martin & Maria

Solar Testimonials

Solar TestimonialsThere was no doubt in my mind that I wanted to install a solar power system in my house. The long summer and rising cost of power is not the least of my motivation. My biggest concern is who can I entrust such a project. I made about a dozen calls and fielded five offers, a process that I would recommend to anyone. In the end, the company that stood out the most is SolarGem.

I got all the reassurance and confidence I needed about this project from my first meeting with Joseph Johnson, the President of the company. The system was built within the timescale we agreed upon. There were no hidden costs in the project. What was specified in the contract is exactly what I paid for in the end, not a penny more.

I made the right choice in selecting SolarGem. They delivered quality work and product for a price that is very competitive in the solar power system market. Now I'm paying Edison $1.71 (distribution fee) and a negative balance for my excess power since the system had been activated.Solar Testimonials

- Juan

Solar Testimonials
Solar TestimonialsThe entire installation was done in a very professional manner. After the solar panels were installed they looked like they came with the house, very clean. The wiring and the inverter installation went off without a hitch. The permits passed on the first inspection and all the paperwork for the rebate was completed by SOLARGEM. And best of all... the job was completed before the estimated date of completion that Joe gave me. Joe and his crew were very polite and easy to work with. I would recommend SOLARGEM to anyone looking for an honest hard working company that truly knows about Photovoltaic solar power systems. Thank you SOLARGEM for a job well done!

P.S. Before I selected SOLARGEM to install my solar system, I had four other companies give me a quote and diligently checked out their installations.Solar Testimonials

- Mike, Yucaipa CA
Solar Testimonials
Solar TestimonialsWe would highly recommend Joe Johnson and SolarGem to handle your solar energy needs. Joe provided us with an HONEST appraisal of our potential energy savings, by quoting "real circumstances"; he didn't quote "ideal circumstance" calculations. He was also the only contractor who would actually be doing the installation work. That was important to us; nothing got lost in miscommunication between us, the middle man and the installer. He was completely transparent always telling us what he was going to do and then following through on it. He has always impressed us with his professionalism and his service - after the installation walked us through completing all rebate forms and he has continued to support us by answering any questions we've called him with. We are looking forward to using him again to install solar power to run our pool pump. Solar Testimonials

- Blake MacMillan, P.Eng and Katherine MacMillan
Solar Testimonials



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